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Volunteer Center

How would you like to be involved? 
We have in-office and mobile law clinic opportunities.
Please fill out our volunteer form or contact Promise Zone Coordinator, Donna Riordan at

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Legal Aid Foundation of Tallahassee, donating their time, energy, knowledge, and resources. The Foundation continuously seeks new ways to:


  • Match volunteers to their desire to make an impact

  • Offer volunteers the resources they need to be successful

  • Thank our volunteers publicly and privately

  • Recognize the organizations who support volunteerism to Legal Aid

  • Offer a variety of volunteer opportunities based on time available, interests and expertise

How You Can Help

As a Lawyer

Pro Bono Lawyer

Make an impact far beyond the case alone. Time commitment varies.*

Limited Representation through Mediation

If the case doesn’t settle, your commitment is done. Great for those with limited time ability.*

Advice and Counsel

Be a volunteer attorney at a Mobile Law for All clinic and provide 30 minute consultations. Also great for those with limited time ability; these clinics are held once a month for two hours. Sign up one month at a time!

Pro Bono Legal Consult

Call a client seeking pro bono representation to learn more about the case. You may be able to help in just 30 minutes.

Lawyer Mentor

Offer your civil expertise to young/new volunteer lawyers by phone, email or through Thunderdome Tallahassee.

Legal Case Triage

Attend a case triage meeting to review pro bono requests.

Volunteer Training

Teach or sponsor a CLE or GAL training for lawyer volunteers.

Student Volunteer

2Ls can assist with Mobile Law for All or at the LAF office with Intake. 3Ls can assist the Pro Bono Coordinator and volunteer attorneys.

As a Community Member

Event Planning and Participation

Help LAF take our work beyond the office. Short term, high impact.

Social Media Ambassador

Like, share, join, retweet… anytime, anywhere!

Community Ambassador

Invite Legal Aid to speak to your professional/civic organization, school, church, or other group. You may be the key to new volunteers and supporters.

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