Take a Case

Why does Karen Walker of Holland & Knight volunteer?

Volunteer lawyers are the heroes in civil legal aid, donating their own time, knowledge, and professional resources to citizens facing desperate circumstances.

When you take a case, you make an impact far beyond the case itself. You make Leon County a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

To help, please take these simple steps:

1.  Learn more about how case requests to LAF are vetted and triaged.

2.  Review current clients seeking a volunteer lawyer (see below).

3.  Email LAF Volunteer Coordinator Ronnie Barker to learn more and either call a client or offer full representation.

Case #1-Client is seeking representation to contest father’s request for court ordered time-sharing.  Mother does not object to a time-sharing schedule, but has safety concerns.  She filed her counter petition on 4/7/2016 and is awaiting the order of referral for mediation & order referring case to the general magistrate.  Father has retained private counsel.  Intake date: 4/8/2016. 

Case #2-Client is requesting to establish a permanent time-sharing/parenting plan schedule.  Mother was ordered to pay child support in 2012, $200 per month.  She has not been making child support payments because she is presently unemployed.  The father has primary custody of their minor child.  Mother was informed father plans to marry & relocate out of state & his new wife adopt the parties’ minor child.  Intake date: 4/11/2016. 

Case #3-Client is seeking representation to contest father’s request for court ordered supervised time-sharing.  Mother filed a counter-petition on 4/11/2016 along with a proposed parenting plan.  Parties are awaiting the order referring case to mediation and/or general magistrate.  Intake date: 4/12/2016

Case #4-Client is seeking representation to request court ordered 50/50 time-sharing/parental responsibility.  Presently, the minor child resides with mother.  Client was notified on 4/11/2016 regarding an open DCF investigation against motherclient and has not received an update of the DCF  investigation.  Intake date: 4/12/2016.  Mediation set for 7/15/2016

Case #5-Client is seeking to modify the current sole custody order.  Mother alleges she has not been able to visit with minor child, father testified mother has not requested visits.  aware a hearing had Minor child currently resides in Gainesville, Florida with his father.  Order on Father’s Motion to Dismiss Mother’s Supplemental Petition granted on 6/24/2016.  Court ordered mother to file petition outlining substantial changes in circumstance & parties to utilize “Talking Parents” to document communications.  Mother’s Petition dismissed without prejudice and with leave to amend within 30 days.  Intake date: 4/27/2016.

Case #6-Client is seeking representation to contest father’s request for shared custody, equal time-sharing, DNA testing & child support.   Father has retained private counsel.  Intake date: 5/27/2016

Case #7-Client is seeking representation to contest counter-petition filed by father for child support & time-sharing.  Father has retained private counsel.  Intake date: 6/8/2016