Why does Karen Walker of Holland & Knight volunteer?

Volunteer lawyers are the heroes in civil legal aid, donating their own time, knowledge, and professional resources to citizens facing desperate circumstances.

When you take a case, you make an impact far beyond the case itself. You make Leon County a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

To help, please take these simple steps:

1.  Learn more about how case requests to LAF are vetted and triaged.

2.  Review current clients seeking a volunteer lawyer (see below).

3.  Email LAF Volunteer Coordinator Ronnie Barker to learn more and either call a client or offer full representation.

Case #1- Client is seeking representation to contest father’s request for 50/50 primary custody.  Intake date: 1/09/2017

Case #2- Client is seeking representation to establish a parenting plan & modify child support.  Intake date: 1/18/2017

Case #3- Client is seeking representation to modify a sole custody order.  Father was awarded sole custody because client missed final hearing (client was severely injured in an automobile accident and was in a coma the day of the hearing).  Intake date: 2/6/2017

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