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League of Justice


Thank you to the lawyers and community members who make our work possible. Whether you served the Legal Aid Foundation of Tallahassee through your time, talent, or financial support, you have a legacy in equal access to justice in Leon County.

Become a local legal superhero, whether by a $30 monthly gift, or by a one-time donation of $350 or more. Use the button below to join our League of Justice!

League of Justice Founding Members

Michael Alao
Lynwood Arnold
Loranne Ausley
Ivory Avant
Meg Baldwin
Ruby Barr
Ed Bayo
Keith Bell, Jr.
Nancy Benavides
Matt Bernier
Michael Bist
Stefanie Bowden
C. Everett Boyd
Chris Busch
Jack Campbell
Steven Clarfield
Scott Clodfelter
Judge Bob Cohen
Jami Coleman
Sonia Crockett
Brittany Dambly
Nancy Daniels
John DeLoach
William Dillon
John Dombroski
Martha Edenfield
Donna Erlich
Richard W. Ervin, III
Judge Ron & Theresa Flury
Michael Flury & Rosanna Catalano
Kevin Forsthoefel
Dina Foster and Murray Moore
Belinda France
Russell Gautier
Amanda Gay
Bob Goldman
George Gwynn
Will and Whitney Hall
Major Harding
George Hatch
Kathryn Hathaway
Alla & Chris Holmes
Stephen Hurm
ICE Foundation
Sha’Ron James
Paul Jess
Gaye Johnson
Debby Kearney
Cameron Kennedy
Jennifer & Jay LaVia
Lew Killian
Judge Terry Lewis
Judge Robert Long, Jr.
Julie Lovelace
Ian Macdonald

Steve MacNamara

Terry Madigan

Michael Madsen

Pamela Marsh

Carlin McCrory

Tripp & Mary McElroy
Judge Bruce McKibben, Jr.
Judge June McKinney
Brent McNeal
Bill Miller
Eric Milles
Nathan Moon
Richard Moore
Judge John D.C. Newton, II, in memory of Justice Jimmy Adkins
Rachel Nordby
Kelly O’Keefe
Martha Olive-Hall
On Call Computer Solutions
Mary Pankowski and Joseph Pankowski
Ben Phipps
Tom Powell
Judge Lynne Quimby-Pennock
Ruth Reynolds
Ron Richmond
Tiffany Roddenberry
Monica T. Ross
Jerry & Sarah Rumph
Shannon Salimone
Lisa Scoles
Carter Scott
Darby Kerrigan Scott
Robert Scott
Larry Sellers
Lew Shelley
Linda Shelley
Linda Stalvey
Meredith Strange
Dan and Robin Hassler Thompson
Trevor Thompson
Marjorie Turnbull
Jason Vail
Judge Suzanne Van Wyk
D. Tyler Van Leuven
Melissa VanSickle
Lisa Vickers
Clint Wallace
Sarah Warren
Peter Webster
Steven Weitzman
F. Palmer Williams
Judge James Wolf
JoLen Wolf
Bonnie Wright
David Young
Roy Young

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