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Promise Zone Report – Attorney Meghan Daigle
June – July 2017

Promise Zone Attorney Meghan Daigle continued to make new contacts with the community during June and July.  Here are some highlights:

  • Carter’s Corner. Distributed approximately 50 cards to people on their front porches in the Southside promise zone.
  • Greater Access to Information. Worked in cooperation with former Public Defender Nancy Daniels to offer Mobile Law for All callers access to information about clemency, expungements and sealing.
  • Flyers. Gained permission from Leon County magistrates—responsible for the vast majority of pro se family law parties requesting family law services— to post flyers in all courtrooms used by the magistrates. The housing community put flyers on all mailboxes; flyers were dropped off at the Library, emailed to other PZ grantees, and provided to the Help Center at the Clerk’s Office, the State Attorney’s Office, the Public Guardian and Legal Services of North Florida.
  • Jail Clinic. Served 14 clients, with four attorney volunteers.
  • Leon County Schools. The Leon County School Board allowed Meghan Daigle to contact principals of schools with students living in the Promise Zone.
  • Family Fun Day at Walker Ford Community Center. Worked on community outreach to explain legal services were available; talked to people in the Promise Zone community about our services and specifically how we can help.
  • Senior Center Southside Outreach. Scheduled several events in September specifically for the elderly.
  • Grace Mission. Collaboration with Capital Medical Foundation yielded weekly evaluations for dental care.
  • June Mobile Law for All. Served 34 clients with 10 attorney volunteers. Held at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church in the Promise Zone. A total of 67 clients were served in June.
  • Walker Ford Community Center. Met with the assistant center supervisor to discuss ideas for LAF to start office hours at the center, similar to Grace Mission.
  • Minority Chamber of Commerce. Met with Ben Harris and Terrence Hinson, realtor, to discuss further outreach efforts that could be made through the Minority Chamber of Commerce. The organization is starting back up again after a 25-year history.
  • Leola’s Crabshack 10-year anniversary attended by members of the PZ community. Meghan Daigle was on the radio with “The Almighty” Joe Bullard, voice of the FAMU rattlers, 96.1 radio. A client who was driving by heard the interview and stopped to ask a legal question.
  • July Mobile Law for All. Held at Walker Ford Community Center with 16 clients participating and five attorney volunteers.  There were more than 50 percent Promise Zone clients present.  A total of 29 clients were served in July. 
Promise Zone Report June/July 2017