Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Legal Aid Foundation, donating their time, energy, knowledge, and resources. The Foundation continuously seeks new ways to:

helping hand

  • Match volunteers to their desire to make an impact
  • Offer volunteers the resources they need to be successful
  • Thank our volunteers publicly and privately
  • Recognize the organizations who support volunteerism to Legal Aid
  • Offer a variety of volunteer opportunities based on time available, interests and expertise

How would you like to be involved? Let us know through our volunteer interest survey.

  • Social Media Ambassador: Like, share, join, retweet… anytime, anywhere!
  • Community Ambassador: Invite Legal Aid to speak to your professional/civic organization, school, church, or other group. You may be the key to new volunteers and supporters.
  • Event Planning and Participation: Help LAF take our work beyond the office.¬†Short term, high impact.
  • Pro Bono Lawyer: Make an impact far beyond the case alone. Time commitment varies.
  • Limited Representation through Mediation: If the case doesn’t settle, your commitment is done. Great for those with limited time ability.
  • Pro Bono Legal Consult: Call a client seeking pro bono representation to learn more about the case. You may be able to help in just 30 minutes.
  • Lawyer Mentor: Offer your civil expertise to young/new volunteer lawyers by phone or email.
  • Legal Case Triage: Attend a case triage meeting to review pro bono requests.
  • Volunteer Training: Teach or sponsor a CLE or GAL training for lawyer volunteers.


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